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this. i understand. >> i know it. karen gray houston, thank you for the update. >>> they are putting the finishing touches on the plans for the democratic national convention in charlotte tonight. in a few days president obama will formally accept his party's nomination for a second term. the president is hitting the campaign trail ahead of the convention. during a series of stops he is calling the road to charlotte he gave some hints as to what will be included in his speech on the final night. >> thursday night i'm going to offer you what i believe is a better path forward, a path that will grow this economy and create more jobs and strengthen the middle class. >> the first two days of the convention will take place at the time warner cable arena. thursday the convention moves to the bank of america stadium where the president and vice president will accept the party's nomination. >>> this week it was the democrats turn on the sunday talk shows giving a preview of what we'll see at the convention. fox five's melanie alnwick has your sunday talk show roundup. >> reporter: the messa
their first strike and a quarter of a century. chicago teachers union president karen lewis joins us to talk about the strike, chicago mayor rahm emanuel, and what this means for education reform across the country. then mitt romney and the 47%. >> pulitzer prize-winning journalist david cay johnston on the secret romney video that has shaken the presidential race. the net romney's on tax policy. >> romney's plan is george to be bush's plan on steroids. george w. bush gave 12.5% of his tax cuts to the top 10th of 1%. romney's plan gives one-third of the tax cuts to the top 10th of 1%. theey's plan gives 57% of total cuts in his package to the top 1%. that is people that make more than about $400,000 a year. astonishing how heavily weighed it is to the top. >> we will speak about his new book, "the fine print: how big companies use 'plain english' to rob you blind." all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. road in chicago. here the chicago public schools are back in session today after the governing body of the chic
next have tina liang chen, and i believe dawn huston is not here. karen heisler. >> my name is tina liang chen. i came to san francisco in 1985 and have raised my family here. my husband and i live on edenberg street in excelsior. i know personally the problem with wage theft is for many workers, and i also know how hard it is for the workers and the city to deal with this problem. when i first came to san francisco, i got a job as a teamsters. at that time, the minimum wages was $3.35 per hour, but i just make approximately $1 per hour. i worked 10 hours per day, six days per week, without paying overtime. in addition the boss always did not pay the worker on time. later i got a job working as a housekeeper in the hilton hotel because we have a uniat the hilton, the job came with good wages, and helped me buy a house, and keep my family in san francisco. we have healthcare, and we have -- we have healthcare and we have a pension. i will be able to retire on. i became a rank and file leader at the hilton hotel, and eventually i became representative on start of local 2. earlier this
teacher strike in chicago in a quarter-century. chicago teachers union president karen lewis announced the strike would go forward late last night. >> we do not intend to sign an agreement until all of the matters of our contract are addressed. again, we are committed to staying at the table until the contract is in place. however, in the morning, no cpu members will be inside our schools. we will walk the picket lines, talk to parents, we will talk to clergy, we will demand a fair contract today. we demand a fair contract now. >> union leader karen lewis said key unresolved issues include the cost of health benefits, the makeup of the teacher evaluation system, and job security. rahm emanuel -- president obama is former chief of staff -- once teachers evaluations tied to the standardized test results of students. it remains to be seen what impact the strike could have on the presidential election. many of the policies at issue in chicago are being pushed a national scale by secretary of education arne duncan, former chicago public schools cheat. rahm emanuel remains a close ally to pr
of them, posted more than 1% gains. nice gains across the board. karen, there's also this notion out there that there's a pain trade going on going into the end of the year, that money managers and hedge fund managers are underperforming. they have to be in this market because they have to catch up. >> i think that's true. although, you know what happens when you see all of that hedge fund money go in. invariably see a little bit of a downturn. i don't know what to make of the whole thing. i think are fundamentally things that much different than they were two or three days ago? i find it a little hard to believe. unless this european thing is over. >> right. >> i'm a little bit skeptical. so we didn't really do a whole lot different today. it felt kind of frothy, so we took a little money off the table with selling. upside calls, maintain some of that position but take a little money off the table. >> are we in a win-win scenario for tomorrow's session in that the jobs report comes in better and things are great? the jobs report comes in lower than expected, and we know ben bernanke
if a strike does happen. >>> and coming up in about ten minutes, i'll talk with karen lewis. she is the president of the chicago teachers union. we'll talk about where the negotiations stand. >>> now to the race for the white house. and with 58 days until election day, the campaigns are taking different approaches to getting out their message on this sunday. republican nominee mitt romney and his running mate paul ryan will leave the campaign trail and instead turn to the airwaves. both men will be guests on several sunday talk shows. >>> there's no rest for their democratic rivals who have headed straight from the party's national convention to hit the campaign trail. today president obama will continue his tour of florida with stops in melbourne and west palm beach. vice president biden will head to ohio for stops in portsmouth and milford. >>> and by the way, you can get up close and a personal look at the two men vowing to hold the country's future in their hands. find out what barak obama and mitt romney are really like beginning at 8:00. profiles the republican presidential
that will help keep the fog at a minimum this is fog tracker 4 karen by the time nine to 10:00 comes around you will see the fog moved toward the coast. here are monday afternoon highs. >> here is the 7 day around the bay forecast. the beginning of the week gets cooler but at the end of the week we will see more sunshine and higher temperatures. >>vicki: crime for gives you the best feed once again. it'll be the blue angel slide presented by cheap. -- jeep. >> >>stanley: tammy i seem to have that effect of people. -- coming up i seem to have that effect on people i will show you why when we come back. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our co
it was excessively humid so it was easy to pick. a lot of bad hair day. >> karen brown is 65 years old from the bronx. she never wears make-up and only colors her hair for special occasions. so she was thrilled to have the opportunity to receive a glam new look. let's listen to her story. >> retired and ready for the next chapter, right? this is for karen. why does she deserve it? >> karen is a lot of fun. if you're around her you will laugh all the time. she has a wonderful shape, wonderful personality, why not have a new look? >> and engaged. we are going to give you a hot new look. what do you think? >> i'm ready for it. bring it on. bring it on. >> karen is ready. she is joined by her girls myra, geri and hope. please keep your blindfolds on till i give you my green light. let's see the new you. >> wow! come right over here. perfect. take off your blindfolds. >> wow! >> karen, are you ready? spin right around, sweetie. put your glasses on. i know the feeling. >> oh, my goodness. >> you look hot. >> beautiful. >> bouncing and behaving hair. tell us about the hair, louis. >> obviously, it was touch
with a check that came from 30,000 people in 80 countries. >> reporter: it's a new beginning for karen klein. >> i feel like a different person. >> reporter: she's now more than $700,000 richer thanks to donors from all over the world who reached out to her. >> i can't believe people donated like that. >> reporter: this is what sparked the kindness of strangers and video posted three months ago of a bus monitor in rochester, new york being bullied by 12 and 13-year-old students. it went viral, triggered outraged and moved max to action. a victim of bullying himself the toronto man began an online fundraiser. >> i had an idea that came from the heart and i truly believed in. i didn't expect anything of it. i just said hey let's give this lady a nice vacation. >> reporter: what began as a $5,000 exploded and karen can now retire. her story has taken her around north america and she may soon go on a cruise. as for that video she hasn't watched much of it but has been praised for staying calm during the ordeal. >> she did great. i've never been so proud of her that day i was the most proud of my
, nine seconds long, 68-year-old karen klein taunted by four middle school students. >> karen, you're fat. you're so fat, you take up, like, the whole entire seat. >> reporter: no one stepped in on that bus, but they sure did all over the world afterward. >> i just couldn't sit back and not do something. >> this is not who people are. >> i'm very sorry that those children treated you that way. >> you [ bleep ]. look at all the flab right there. >> reporter: the verbal jabs that became physical ones. >> jiggles. >> reporter: and that bus monitor, who sounded brave, even afterwards, when she sat down with us. >> i didn't get angry. i just tend to try to ignore them, just look out the window of the bus and say, "bye, guys." >> reporter: but it was max sidorov, a canadian, that started a fund-raising drive online. he called it "let's give karen a vacation." he was hoping to raise $5,000. and this past week, he presented that check that well surpassed it. >> $703,833. >> reporter: 30,000 donors, 84 countries. the average donation, $20. there was ryan in memphis, who was moved by how many other
political analyst karen finney, dana mill bank, a political columnist for "the washington post," and mike, a white house correspondent for "time" magazine. karen, mr. romney proudly offered his own health care reform as evidence that he cares about people. 50 minutes later he says he'll repeal the president's health care reform. two of our producers have been hospitalized for whiplash having been forced to watch which way he's gone. thankfully they have health care. is even mr. romney himself now tired of the severely conservative mask that he himself has been forced to wear? >> indeed, i think he is. as we talked about earlier this week, just a year or two or three ago, he had exactly the opposite position and was criticizing the idea that people would, you know, go to emergency rooms and that -- talking very differently about health care. the problem with this is it plays to exactly his fundamental flaw as a candidate, which is people don't trust him. you know, i have talked to people, even conservatives, a friend of mine's conservative mother had the best quote of all. she said i don't
really think you saw that risk on trade happen. >> b.k., it's karen. let me ask you something. hasn't that news about spain been there for several weeks? why is this additional news today? i understand what you're saying about a little bit of marginal positive news. the markets rallied a lot on spain getting a bailout. >> except for the fact that they said the important thing to me is that they said it went beyond what the e.u. expected. so you don't have to worry about them asking for a bailout and then have spain come back and say, here's the condition at that we're going to need. here's all the austerity measures have you to take. that completely takes out that uncertainty. so based on how people were positioned, particularly people short the euro, people shorting spain and other indices into this, you have to cover. you have -- so it's partly short covering, partly actually a bit of a fundamental change. >> isn't there the minor detail though of rahoy, i believe it was yesterday or the day before saying that borrowing costs would have to go much, much higher in order for him to
a week like this, mitt might want to get back into his quiet room. joining me now is karen finney msnbc political analyst and former communications director for the national -- for the democratic national committee. thank you for being here. >> hey, reverend. >> we talked about a nine-point bounce for the president from just one week ago. how much of that is due to the democrats pounding governor romney for his record? >> you know, i think the republicans and governor romney kind of did their own damage. i mean, you know, i look at that poll and i say okay. the american people had a week -- three days to take a look at the republican party and what they were offering in their own way. right? paul ryan got to go out there and represent himself in the way that he wanted to represent himself without a filter. and it seems to me that what people are saying you know what? we don't want that. we don't buy that. and i will be very interested to see the bounce we get coming out of this election. but more -- ipgs, this convention. but more importantly i think what you'll see in those battle grou
of the utilities to explain why millions of customers suffered for as long as eight days without power. karen gray houston is live in baltimore at the first of the two-day hearing. >> reporter: the public service commission spent much of today grilling bg and e. they may not get to pepco this evening. they will eventually release the final report on how all of the regions utilities performed during the violent storm. they have already held eight evening hearings and heard from an irate public. >> i'm figuring out how to get this right. the state public service commissioners want to know what worked and what didn't during the storm which took down trees and power lines in 11 states and the district of columbia plus left nearly 4 million customers with no electricity. >> we found ourselves being asked a lot of questions about staffing that i think we need to answer -- work at answering in a more data driven way. >> reporter: they quizzed the utilities on whether they were prepared with adequate staffing. they noted dominion power restored more customers sooner, 300,000 customers within ten hours, 60
's an economic issue. we're joined now by msnbc political analyst karen finney and anna marie cox of "the guardian" and msnbc contributor jonathan capehart who has had his hair beautifully cut for this occasion. karen, if i might begin with you, somewhere i formed the impression that mr. romney's campaign was all about jobs anded economy. now he's talking about the almighty's name on coins and he's hanging out with pat robertson. what exactly is going on now? >> oh, martin, come on now. he was in virginia, and i mean a couple things. number one, this is a clear attempt to go after the evangelical voters in the republican base who already don't trust him, but also -- >> karen, he's already won the primary. >> oh, but in order to win the general election, let's take a look at virginia folk. president obama actually lost the white vote in virginia but won the african-american vote and that's a big part of how he won the state. so my read of that language was a very clear pandering and outreach to what evangelical voters in the state trying to use god, frankly, as a wedge issue, which i find
white house aid, karen finney, former dnc director and jackie kucinich, politics reporter for "usa today." paul, i'll start with you. paul ryan said to a gop conference that this will be an up-and-down race. they're going to try to distract us. romney kept pushing this 100% at the event last night that we saw in miami, also trying to make it very personal. i want to remind everybody. take a look. >> my dad was born in mexico of american parents living there. at age 5 or 6 there was revolution and they came back to the united states and my dad had to get help, the financial help. the government helped his family to be able to get back on their feet again. by the warks that's the way america works, we care for people and help lift them up and get them back. we don't have that become a permanent lifestyle. we help people, we get them on their feet. >> joe, a lot of people are analyzing mitt romney as taking a much more moderate tone. how will those on the right who may have liked this hard line that they were hearing from mitt romney, hearing that hard line from the private tape that was se
. the last thing i would say -- i'm going to stop there. >> thank you. karen cator is the director bought this educational to elegy for department of education. she previously worked at apple. you can direct all of your compliments or complaints about apple products to her afterwards. she's going to stand on the side. karen, i wonder if he could talk about the federal role in all of this. >> one of my backgrounds inside public education, so that's actually in terms of the lives of seeing how this can fully impact the opportunity to learn. you know, thank you for sticking with this. they been on this topic for quite a while focusing on what are the barriers and comparing with other marketplaces in trying to come up with one accelerant that i think it's actually really interesting. the other thing i really think is articulating i went to restate because it is an important notion and gets to dennis' point. a lot of times people say things like having a technology works? should be his technology in education? or how much screen time is enough screen time. the answer to the question is it depe
>>> welcome to worldwide exchange this morning. i'm kelly evans. >> and i'm karen. these are your headlines from around the world. >> ecb president mario draghi takes the spotlight. >> nokia shares continue to descend losing more than 15% in two days as investors turn their back on the phone's new hand set. >> it was the night of star power at the democratic convention. president bill clinton made a rousing talk about president obama's record. >> we speak to ford as they are trying to get sales moving in europe again. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange" bringing you business news from around the globe. >>> okay. ross westgate is taking a well-deserved break. karen cho is here for a jam packed show. >> it's certainly a big day as we wait it out for the ecb. we've been waiting to see what mario draghi's going to be saying since late july. this is the big day markets are waiting. >> speculation increasing over the last 24 hours. we're also waiting on the bank of england decision. we've got another product launch today with amazon, perhaps another kindle fire coming. an
at the storm devastation this is left the near new orleans karen brown shows us the struggle for locals to resume their lives. >>> cisco gonzales can only get to a song by boat. flood us flood submerged street signs is it caused a levee to break that overwhelmed the town. >>> i went from no water to six and half the of water within minutes >>> after the storm gonzales and friends used boats to rescue neighbors the could not say if a disabled couple inside this home who drowned. >>> we went back and forth before they passed away in a terrible thought >>> hurricane to training class and his last home near new orleans he has to rebuild again after i sit down 11 ft. of water in his new home >>> we'er two men have feet above katrina water i thought we were safe. >>> they expected to be several more days before the water is down to street level even livestock funds dry ground they're letting folks and back on the case by case basis to gather what is left oil. >>> josh broadcasts as nothing left at his house >>> we lost most of the pictures we had of the kids >>> many in this community of 500
. as karen was saying, it would be difficult to do, but there may be things where we could sequence construction to bring half of the facilities online in a shorter period of time. working back-and-forth within the existing facilities would be a complicated activity. >> i think it is safe to say that if somebody was gunning for the hero of the year award, they would come up with a way of funding this. this commission would be very supportive of anything that can be done on this regard that does not cause bigger problems. i appreciate the work you have done on that. let's not call that the end of the chapter if there is anything else you can propose to us. >> thank you, dan. >> some of the way we got a lot of the construction done, at least during the earthquake in my district, we gave bonuses to contractors for on time. are you contract -- are you contemplating that? >> i do not want to hear mr. jackson again up here. i want her to talk about something different. >> i know. thank you. >> i think we are now -- now we are at rates and affordability. todd will come and give that portio
options from each of the categories. as karen mentioned, you asked also that the cost of the options be related to the average monthly bills. i will try to provide this information as i walk through. for the biosolids, we recommended option 3, which include new facilities. the facilities would be relocated away from the impacted neighbors along phelps street. the cost of the program is just over $2 billion. also as karen mentioned, you asked us to look at whether the schedule for implementation of the digesters could be accelerated. on this slide at the top, what we reflect is what is presented to you for implementation in workshop i. at the bottom is what we are considering -- presenting for your consideration today. in looking at how to shorten schedule, we looked at activities related to planning and design. we looked at front end as well as back and activities in sequence a for the plant. we looked at shortening planning and design by six months, being very careful not to adversely impact the environmental and the ceqa review processes that we do not want to have a negative impac
. andreea ross. tusik yaya julia martin. robert ruskie. karen kai. and i may have a few more, but let's start with that. two minutes each. >> good evening. my name is ed newbower. i am one of the employees were -- employed by the district. we maintain and repair palms, boiler systems, generators, 250 boilers, some palms, miles of leaking pipes, -- 250 boilers, sump pumps. we are the people that keep our children warm and safe inside our classrooms. despite claims of no heat, we respond to many other emergencies on a daily basis. we are also trained to deal with asbestos as the pipes costly spring leaks underneath our schools. we have had to deal with low- grade contractors doing repairs after they leave and things do not work right. each school presents its own unique set of challenges and problems. the department has never said, i cannot, or i will not, when it has to respond to an emergency or make repairs. we are asking you tonight to be compensated the same as other city engineers who have nowhere near the same duties as us but receive a higher rate of pay. not only are we one of
man who by the way is now working in law enforcement. i want to thank karen and the family forgiving me a great gift in being able to speak today in honor of kenyon, thank you very much. to the coco command i love all of you, i think you know that take this tragedy, turn night a positive by embodying kenyon's compassion, empathy and his character in your duties each day and save lives as kenyon was committed to in life and in death as an organ donor. that's how we can honor him. in closing, god speed to kenyon on this amazing journey home that he's on right now to a place where were are all going to meet again many thank you very much. >> thank you. officer tyler carlton from the contra costa chp office would like to share a few inspirational words. >>> my name is tyler carlton. my name is tyler carlton and i had the privilege of working with ken on daily basis and to be his beat partner the morning of september 4th and with him on his last enforcement stop. before i start to talk about ken, i'd like to read a passage of scripture out of he class asties, -- book of ecclesiastes chapt
that does not mean the republican nominee is without support. here's karen brown. >> reporter: carlos galvan has seen his customers buying habits change. >> if they came in twice a week for groceries, now they are coming in once a week. there are days where sales are pretty flat. >> reporter: galvan's family immigrated from mexico in 1961 and opened amapola deli outside of los angeles. it's now a chain of three supermarkets. >> it's been, you know, the american success story. >> reporter: it's also an american recession story. >> we've cut back on hiring. we try to make people do a little bit more. the word is uncertainty. >> reporter: what's on our mind or what's on my mind is the latino, is chraktly the same as on everybody else's mind. creating jobs and the economy. >> reporter: nina vaca started pinnacle a dallas-based company in her living room and now employ --,000 people and chairs the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce which will hear mitt romney speak tomorrow. >> it's the government's responsibility to create an environment in which small businesses can succeed. what i am most frust
in california where karen brown reports he'll make an appeal to hispanic voters. >> reporter: carlos has seen his customers buying habits change. >> they come in twice a week for groceries, now they come in once a week. there are days where sales are pretty flat. >> reporter: his family immigrated from mexico in 1961. and they opened a deli which now is a chain of three supermarkets. >> it's the american success story. >> reporter: also an american recession story. >> we cutback on hiring. we try to make people do more. the word is uncertainty. >> what's on my mind is exactly the same thing that's on everybody else's mind. creating jobs and the economy. >> reporter: nina started a dallas-based information technology company in her living room. she now employs 4,000 people and chairs the u.s.-hispanic chamber of commerce which will hear mitt romney speak. >> it's government's responsibility to create an environment in which small businesses can succeed. what i am most frustrated with, honestly as a business owner, is this incredible toxic political environment. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter
obama is weighing in. karen traverse has more from washington. >> reporter: last night on the letterman show president obama fired back at the leaked tape that is causing mitt romney's campaign major headaches. >> there are not a lot of people out there who think they are victims, who think they are entitled to something. >> reporter: in the video romney seen saying 47% of americans will vote for president obama because they want a government hand-out. >> my job is not to worry about those people. >> reporter: the president said he has a different view of the office. >> the president: a lot of things i've learned as president, you represent the entire country. my expectation is if you want to be president you gotta work for everybody, not just some. >> reporter: yesterday romney said he was talking about election extra stkwreu not what he would do -- strategy not weigh would do as president. >> he's going to get half the vote, i'm going get half the vote. >> reporter: romney weighed in on foreign policy he ed skepticism of two-state solution between the israelis and palestinians, a plan
a secret video taken at a mitt romney fundraiser in may. president obama is weighing in. karen traverse has more from washington. >> reporter: last night on the letterman show president obama fired back at the leaked tape that is causing mitt romney's campaign major headaches. >> there are not a lot of people out there who think they are victims, who think they are entitled to something. >> reporter: in the video romney seen saying 47% of americans will vote for president obama because they want a government hand-out. >> my job is not to worry about those people. >> reporter: the president said he has a different view of the office. >> the president: a lot of things i've learned as president, you represent the entire country. my expectation is if you want to be president you gotta work for everybody, not just some. >> reporter: yesterday romney said he was talking about election extra stkwreu not what he would do -- strategy not weigh would do as president. >> he's going to get half the vote, i'm going get half the vote. >> reporter: romney weighed in on foreign policy he ed skepticism of t
audience. karen travers has more. >> reporter: romney cam -- campaign has tried to change the subject but that video is still dogging the republican contender. last night he was greeted in miami by this sign. at a forum he said he hasn't written off half of americans. >> my campaign is about the 100% in murk. and i'm concerned about them -- in america. and i'm concerned about the fact that over the past four years life has become harder for american. >> reporter: he faced tough questions on i am -- on immigration. president obama's policy allows young people brought by their parents to stay for now. >> for those already here undocumented brought by their parents and thereof, are illegal ail convince in this country my view is we should put in place a permanent solution. >> reporter: the univison moderator pressed him for specifics on what he would do with others here illegal limb >> are you going to deport them or not? i'm not clear. [ booing ] >> i have some friends apparently. i'm not in favor of deportation, mass for effort rounding up people. believe people make their own choices
on one with karen dennis. domestic violence is pervasive. it is life-threatening. it affects millions of women. and so many women are so afraid that they don't speak out. they're just reluctant to talk about it. but i want to talk about a walk that's being held tomorrow. it's a 5k walk. it's being held in woodbridge, virginia. and the title is "no woman, no cry." karen dennis is here to talk about it. the walk really is to memorialize a very special woman, 38-year-old jenny baits. tell me about -- bates. tell me about her. >> jenny was murdered by her estranged husband in september 2010. she had endured several years of domestic violence and separated and was trying to move on with her life but sadly she was murdered and left behind two children. >> she was a friend of yours. >> she was a close family friend. >> did you know about this violence? >> you know, many of her friends knew kind of towards the end. she had done some things. she had had a restraining order. sadly once we thought things were moving on in a different direction, it took a turn for the worst. >> this is one story
tradition, but others go outside the bo. karen kay a takes us shopping in charlotte. >> reporter: conventions only last once every four years. republicans have their elephant share of ms. in tampa. in charlotte for the democrats, it's much the same. it show political pride there's everything from hats to socks. the youth vote play a major role in democrat success in 2008. it might be part of a long-term party strategy. as it's been for generations of campaigns, there are buttons, lots and lots of buttons, inside and outside the hall. >> i like this one with the image of them. >> reporter: the point is to create a lasting memory but some may not make the plane ride home. >> from cupcakes to candy boxes that feature the first lady and president obama. >> reporter: they have likenesses of the president, first lady and more, a pretty sweet way to represent. i'm karen kay farks abc2 news. >> she will be covering everything from the latest headlines and her show now days away. we're so excited to have katie couric's new show monday. it will air every day at 4:00 just before our newscas
. robert weber, karen huggins, i'm going to mispronounce this name. eiled banningpadon. >> shar on short and guon wu 10. if anyone else wants to speak, fill out a card. doesn't matter the order >> governor. supervisors, i am robert weber, i come to you as a resident of san francisco housing authority. i would like to mention i'm a community organizer fully educateed on the sunshine ordinance. when i found out the commission met without being recorded and taped, i was pretty astonished. i am choosing my words carefully as i have blundered in the past. as a tenant of sfhs, i would like to lend my support to the long standing reputation for dysfunction. while talking to my building manager, she informed me she received a large shipment of goods costing thousands of dollars she did not order. upon returning the merchandise, she was told she could only get half back. the supervisor told her to pay it. these are only the incidences i know of. if you take these incidents and multiply them by all of the housing authority housing and the millions of dollars, the people suffering at the loss of th
overwhelmed by this beautiful day and the outpour of support from this community. >> reporter: karen giddings said lauren loved softball and this tournament made possible by donations and volunteers was the ideal way to honor her. >> she loved people coming together, and if this doesn't embody everything laueren was about, nothing will, because -- on every team there's somebody that's connected to lauren somehow. >> reporter: lauren's neighbor and classmate in georgia has been charged with the murder. police say she was dismembered. this tournament is part of the healing process for a family still mourning. many of those playing are family members and close friends. the event is named after lauren's dog, but per bean who lost an eye after being hit by a car. >> i've known lauren since she was like, 3. she went to school with my son, and -- karen played on our team. we've known -- just one, big happy family railroads. >> reporter: a foundation has been named, it benefits the special olympics. >> we hope she's here today, too, with her family being here, it's really -- really something to keep
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